Music and Audio Post Strategy

The Fulton Street Strategy

is designed to take the guess-work out of creating and selecting the right music.

Slide 1 - Say Less
Slide 2 - Car
Slide 3 - Up To Speed
Slide 4 - Tonal Atlas
Slide 5 - Demos
Slide 6 - SD
Slide 7 - VO
Slide 8 - Mix
Slide 9 - Airtime
Slide 10 - What We Love

At the core of our strategy is the Tonal Atlas Method.
It provides brands with a map to navigate the musical landscape, and use music that appeals to an audience’s key hero emotions in a way that is authentic to the brand’s voice.

Used consistently, the Tonal Atlas will build brand equity in an ownable and distinct sound over time.

This is how clients can forge deeper connections with their audience,

turning casual attention into emotional engagement,

converting fans into superfans. 

Our process:

  1. Brand Analysis: Let’s get up to speed
  2. Tonal Atlas Method: Distill a cohesive music strategy and brief
  3. Custom Composition: Create, revise, select
  4. Sound Design: Make the sound of your story immersive
  5. Voiceover Casting + Recording: which voice can instill trust and provoke action?
  6. Final Mix: Honor your creative efforts with a holistic high-fidelity finish